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Ideas For Your Monthly Young Living Essential Rewards Order

Sarasota Essential Oils - setting up your monthly Essential Rewards orderAs people get started with Young Living, one of the big one of the big questions we often hear is “How do I create my first Essential Rewards order?”

One of the big benefits of being a member of Young Living is the Essential Rewards program. It’s a way for you – the customer – to choose items that you want to have on hand in your home and to have them automatically shipped to you each month. In addition to the convenience of the automatic delivery, there are several other benefits to Essential Rewards, including a rewards “points” system. It’s like the “cash back” points programs offered by credit card companies and airlines, to name just a few. As you order each month, you get points based on what you spend…and you can use them to make future purchases.

Essential Rewards – What Do I Order?

Yet the question is often: What do I order? Well, this video is a quick video tour of products we use every month in our household. There are products we get every month – things we couldn’t do without in our green, chemical-free lifestyle!

Of course you’ll decide for yourself what works for you and your family, but this video is a good starting point to see some of the possibilities for a monthly Young Living Essential Rewards order.

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Sarasota Essential Oils - Ready to join Young Living?

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