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10 Commandments For Our Network Marketing Business


1400211270Our thanks to Richard Bliss Brook for this information…it’s from a recent webinar he produced on the “10 Commandments” of his Network Marketing business. We really liked what we saw and heard and thought we’d put it out for our team as well.

  1. We Tell the Truth… Responsibly.
    • With the intent to Empower ourselves and others.
    • We do not lie, exaggerate or hype our products, our opportunity or our track record.
  2. We Focus on the Positive.
    • We create it, amplify it and celebrate it.
    • We give no apology or power to the negative.
  3. We Honor, Champion and Celebrate Each Other.
    • We speak about each other as we want to be spoken about.
    • We do not gossip or talk about each other in a dishonoring way.
  4. We Take Personal Responsibility for Our Decisions and Actions
    • We own and acknowledge everything we do and everything we say.
    • If we make a mistake, we clean it up.
    • We do not blame others or circumstances for our fate.
  5. We Embrace Teamwork to Make the Dream Work.
    • We reach down to help others up.
    • We ask for support when we need it.
    • We are not the Lone Ranger, Superman or Wonder Woman… They all die alone and broke.
  6. We Collaborate with Each Other to Win / Win.
    • We know that a rising tide lifts all ships and that the more successful any of us can be, the more successful we can all be.
    • We do not compete in the win / lose sense. We do not visualize others losing so that we can win.
  7. We Champion Our Profession and ALL Companies In It.
    • We have an abundance mentality, knowing that there is infinite opportunity for all of us.
    • We do not raid other companies or target their distributors. We do not sell people on switching teams.
  8. We Are Present to Each Other and Our Prospects.
    • We listen to each other at a level that heals. We quiet our mind and open our heart.
    • We do not chatter away with ourselves while others are talking.
  9. We Are “Class Acts.”
    • We manage our dress our language and our appropriate actions.
    • We do not offend others out of laziness, carelessness, poor taste or judgement.
  10. We ARE Integrity – Walk Walk Our Walk
    • We do what we say and say what we do.
    • We have a powerful relationship with our word.
    • Our actions match our goals…or our goals match our actions.
    • We do not practice a our profession with a sleazy, slippery state of confusion.


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