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By Young Living (YL)

About Us

Building a Young Living Essential Oils Team in Sarasota, Florida
(And Around the World…)

Laurie Letzo

Team Builder

Our Goal and Intention:

Looking for like-minded people to join an exciting new team in the health and wealth business who want to change the world and make it a better place.

About me:

The Young Living Oil-Infused Lifestyle has had an enormous positive affect in my life. As I have watched myself becoming engaged with being a product of the product and receiving a higher magnitude of wellness, purpose, and abundance, I have observed why my beliefs are expanding to greater horizons.

Discovering these beliefs have been both trans-formative and en-lightening, almost like getting re-introduced to myself.

Our primary objective is to provide high-quality training in leadership and management support for my growing team.

I believe that by helping others help themselves, we contribute to a greater cause, something bigger than ourselves. In building my team, creating relationships based on trust is very important. As a teacher, I feel most helpful when I can  simplify and clarify complex processes, whenever and wherever possible. We offer leadership training, solutions and problem-solving, both online and locally in the Sarasota, Florida area. We support each individual to empower themselves and their team members.

What, Why and How:

Building a business to share the benefits of Young Living products with an Oil-Infused Lifestyle. Creating a team that will foster the best in all of us. Young Living provides a powerful and effective way to achieve this purpose every single day. Seeking to empower others and bring Young Living essential oils to even more people across the globe for healing, wellness, balance and more abundant health.

Visualizing building a team of self-discovery, self-development, self-empowerment, and self-improvement for individuals and team members.

Each of us comes to this business with our own personal “why” for doing it. The WHY is important! Yet, if you’re not sure what your “why” is just yet, know that it will come over time as you and our team develops it’s on-going vision, mission and purpose.

I offer leadership training and guidance for challenging and empowering each team member to discover their own “why,” and the beliefs that can prove to be more important than their “what” and “how.”

Team Positions Available:

Team Leadership / Coaching , Team Management / Consulting, Innovators, Relationship-builders, Problem-Solvers / Solutions based process engineering. Offer Positive Ideas / Dynamics within Team Contributions. Teachable and Trainable. 

Encouraging ANYONE with any of the above skill-sets or with the proper teachable / trainable mindset (see above) to apply for a team position. Please send us your WHY statement as consideration to adding you to our growing team.

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